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Success Stories


Our daughter had eczema and topical corticosteroids prescribed by GP did not help, because her skin irritation returned the moment we stopped applying the cream. That is when we turned to Chinese traditional medicine. Cathy is very patient with toddlers like my daughter and she prescribed herbal remedy as well as advising us on dietary changes to help improve my daughter's skin condition. We were very pleased with the treatment and my daughter's largely stayed subdued from then on. Even the specialist nurse at the hospital was surprised to see we managed to keep my daughter's condition under control without using steroid cream.


Having suffered from asthma for several years, I feel most grateful to Ms. Catarina Yue who addresses my health concerns and my condition has become much better with her attentive service. She is very kind and patient, and she listens to you. I highly recommend her!


Dear Dr. Catarina,

I want to thank you for all the years of care you have given me. My ankles, feet and legs is often oedema but very lucky to have such a good acupuncture and I am very satisfied with her treatment.

I am so lucky to have a Chinese Medicine Practitioner like you. You’re compassionate, friendly, professional, super smart, but most importantly super caring.

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  


I have suffered from low back pain and chronic fatigue for years. Ms Yue is very professional and has shown true commitment to solving my health issues. In the course of treatment, she has made me feel I’m in good hands. She takes her time with me and gives me good advice which addresses my concerns. I'm very thankful for being one of her patients.


Catarina is one of the most caring therapist I have had the pleasure of having. I always have irregular periods. She helps me to treat it. Now even without any medication, my periods is regular every month. She is passionate about giving the best care to her patients. She is always friendly, thoughtful, and puts our concerns first. I can not speak more highly of her.


Catarina has help me with my sciatica and my general wellbeing and I recommend anyone considering acupuncture to go and see Catarina.

Many more coming soon...